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Information on Ukita Park

Ukita Park
This park, opened from 1st April 2002, has since then continued to develop into what now serves as a space for a variety of recreational activities, such as nature observations, with its lush growth of flowers and trees.
The park is located in the southeastern regions of Edogawa-ku, neighbouring the ‘Edogawa Ward Line Ship Park’, of which offers a zoo, a fishing pond, and a Japanese garden.
In addition, the park’s disaster prevention facilities offer temporary toilets and is well-equipped with wells and stove benches.

FacilitiesFlower promenade:Flower and grass field:Youth baseball field
Play ground:West entrance plaza:Sports field:Garden park:
Garden road:Family field:East entrance plaza

Date of open April 1, 2002
Area of the park 59,812.58 square metre(May 31st, 2010)
Position Edogawa-ku Kitakasai 3-chome


Address Edogawa-ku Kitakasai 3-chome, Ukita-cho
Commute Toei Shinjuku-line Funahori station, 10 minute walk,
Tokyo metro Tozai-line Nishikasai, 13 minute walk
Parking Paid service available 24 hours.
Parking offers two levels: 1st level services 58 cars, 2nd level services 81 cars.
Handicap parking spots: 1 car.


Car JPY200 for the first hour, + JPY100 after every half hour passed.
Bus JPY1000 for the first hour, + JPY500 ater every half hour passed.

Inquiry TEL 3636-9365
Ojima Komatsugawa Park Service Centre
〒136-0072 Koto-ku Ojima 9-9
Koto-ku, Tokyo Oshima 9-9

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Ukita Park


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  • 猿江恩賜公園(さるえおんしこうえん)
  • 亀戸中央公園(かめいどちゅうおうこうえん)
  • 大島小松川公園(おおじまこまつがわこうえん)
  • 尾久の原公園(おぐのはらこうえん)
  • 東綾瀬公園(ひがしあやせこうえん)
  • 中川公園(なかがわこうえん)
  • 宇喜田公園(うきたこうえん)