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Information on Ojima Komatsugawa Park

Ojima Komatsugawa Park
Tokyo-to Ojima Komatsugawa Park was created with intentions of servicing the circumstances of natural disasters.
Located on the eastern end of the Koto delta, it spans across Koto-ku and Edogawa-ku, across former Nakagawa, where it is a place of recreation and disaster-prevention. In the event of a natural disaster, it can be used as an evacuation site, servicing 20 million people.
With recreation in mind, the park is comprised of five sectors: a sporting field, ‘Wansaka’ plaza, a free open space, a seasonal square (of North and South sectors), and the Wind area.
Proximal to the free open space is the athletic area – garnering popularity with children – and a barbeque area. There is also a paid parking area available.
Date of open 1997 August 1,
Area of the park 249,282.77 square metres (May 31st, 2010)
Number of trees 4,700 trees
Flora of significance Yoshino cherry, Prunus Grayana, Ilex Rotunda, Chinese tallow, Persian Silk tree, Kousa Dogwood
Facilities Tennis courts (4 courts,lighted) Small baseball field (3 diamonds, two lighted)
Small soccer field (1 field,lighted)
free-use field (athletic field,barbeque field)
Gathering field
Seasonal field
Wind field(Lawn of the hill, outlook of the hill, the old Komatsugawa locks, jogging course)
Youth exercise field


Address Koto-ku Ojima 9-chome (Edogawa-ku Komatsugawa 1-chome)
Commute Toei Shinjuku-line Higashi Ojima Station 3 minutes walk
Parking Paid service available 24 hours,
available parking spots: 194 cars,
Handicap parking spots: 4 cars,

Method of payment:

Car JPY200 for the first hour, +JPY100 after every half hour passed;
Bus JPY1000 for the first hour, +JPY500 after every half hour passed

Inquiry TEL 03-3636-9365
Ojima Komatsugawa Park Service centre
〒136-0072 Koto-ku Ojima 9-9
Koto-ku, Tokyo Oshima 9-9

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Ojima Komatsugawa Park

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  • 猿江恩賜公園(さるえおんしこうえん)
  • 亀戸中央公園(かめいどちゅうおうこうえん)
  • 大島小松川公園(おおじまこまつがわこうえん)
  • 尾久の原公園(おぐのはらこうえん)
  • 東綾瀬公園(ひがしあやせこうえん)
  • 中川公園(なかがわこうえん)
  • 宇喜田公園(うきたこうえん)