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Information on Ogunohara Park

Ogunohara Park
Ogunohara Park is built on the former ground of the Asahi Denka Kogyo (Now the ADEKA) as a Disaster prevention park, presently still under construction since 1993.
The areas currently open to the public include an open lawn area, an empty lot, ‘Tombo’ pond, and an area of 170 Arakawa weeping cherry trees – besides which is a flower viewing area (hanami) reknowned among locals for the quintessential tree of Arakawa-ku.
During the summertime, the ‘Jabujabu’ pond is popular among children, remaining crowded throughout the day.
Autumn is characterised by the flight of dragonflies and various insects; Ducks, little egrets, herons, kingfishers, cormorants, and seagulls fly about the ‘Tombo’ pond during wintertime in a preserved display of Tokyo’s thriving wildlife population.
Date of open 1993 June 1
Area of the park 61,841.28 square metres (February 29th, 2009)
Number of trees 512 trees、1,986 stumps
Flora of significance Maidehair tree, Crepe myrtle, Rhododendron subg. Hymenanthes, Abelia x grandiflora, Chinese silver grass, Amaryllidaceae reed, Typha latifolia
Facilities Pond Children’s playgroud


Address Arakawa-ku Higashioku 7-chome
Commute Nippori, Toneri liner, Toden Arakawa-line exit ‘Kumanomai’ Station, 8 minute walk.
Toden Arakawa-line exit ‘Higashioku 3-chome’, 10 minute walk.
Exit JR ‘Tabata’, ride city bus to ‘Kitasenju’ station, JR Subway Chiyoda-line (C18), Hibiya-line (H21), Tobu Isesaki-line exit ‘Kitasenju’ and ride city bus to ‘Komagome Hospital’, exit ‘DaimonPrimary school’.
Keiseihon-line Subway Chiyoda-line, Toden Arakawa-line exit ‘Machiya’ and ride Arakawa-ku community bus ‘Machiya Sakura’ to ‘Oguno-hara Park’.
Inquiry TEL 03-3819-8838
Ogunohara Park service centre
〒116-0012 Arakawa-ku Higashiogu 7-1
Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Higashiogu 7-1

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Ogunohara Park


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  • 猿江恩賜公園(さるえおんしこうえん)
  • 亀戸中央公園(かめいどちゅうおうこうえん)
  • 大島小松川公園(おおじまこまつがわこうえん)
  • 尾久の原公園(おぐのはらこうえん)
  • 東綾瀬公園(ひがしあやせこうえん)
  • 中川公園(なかがわこうえん)
  • 宇喜田公園(うきたこうえん)