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Information on Kameido Central Park

Kameido Central Park
This park, previously occupied by a Hitachi factory, is separated into the three areas A, B, and C.
Area A offers the central plaza, and a clock tower; the area is specifically designed for the enjoyment of children.
In Area B, you will find a man-made pond, around which are many areas of relaxation and leisure.
Area C has a variety of sports facilities, among which include a gym, a ball court, a tennis court, and a children’s court offering the much popular ‘Tarzan rope’ fixtures.
This park is also known for its seasonally blooming Carmellia flower.
Date of open 1980 June 1
Area of the park 103,026.70 square metres (May 31st, 2010)
Number of trees 2,950trees、9,300stumps
Flora of significance Camellia, Satozakura, Yoshino cherry, Armenian plum, Metasequoia
Facilities Tennis courts, Multi-purpose field, Playground, Stream and pond


Address Koto-ku Kameido 8.9-chome
Commute Tobu Kameido-line exit ‘Kameido Suijin’ Station, 2 minutes walk
Inquiry TEL 03-3636-2558
Kameido Central park Service centre
〒136-0071 Koto-ku Kameido 9-37-28
Koto-ku, Tokyo Kameido 9-37-28

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Kameido Central Park

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  • 猿江恩賜公園(さるえおんしこうえん)
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  • 尾久の原公園(おぐのはらこうえん)
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