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Information on Higashi-ayase Park

Higashi-ayase Park
Higashi Ayase Park is connected to the scattered squares around Ayase Station by a bridging promenade, formed into a U-shape.
What was formerly a paddy field, has since then been repurposed as this Metropolitan park under their readjustment project.
The park spans a total length of 2km, in which a change in seasons can be observed from the growth of cherry, bald cypress, and sweetgum trees and azaleas.
Along the west promenade of the park lies a flower garden, taking advantage of the former irrigation system of narrow streams across the field.The babbling of the water facilitates a sense of relaxation from being at one with the natural landscape, and a multi-purpose field serves to complement the various health play equipment available.
In the northern regions of the park, there are additional sporting facilities surrounded by lush greenery.
In the event of a natural disaster, the park works in cooperation with the local community by providing toilets and stovebenches. Well-equipped sports facilities are also made available across the park; myriad variety of seasonal flora propagate in the park to deliver a relaxing atmosphere.
The sports park offers a basketball field, tennis courts, and an indoor arena equipped with heated swimming pools, providing enjoyable options regardless of age.


Address Adachi-ku Higashi Ayase 1.2.3-chome,
Ayase 3.5.6-chome, Yanaka 1-chome
Commute Tokyo metro Chiyoda -line exit ‘Yanase’ (C19), 1 minute walk (18 minutes to the service centre).
Parking: Paid service available 24 hours, large vehicles cannot be serviced
Located in the district that spans V and W district.
All day: 00:00~24:00.
JPY300 for the first hour, +JPY100 for every half hour passed.
Can service 107 cars.
Car height must be below 2.5metres.
Handicap parking spots: 4 cars.
No credit card.
Inquiry TEL 03-3605-0005
Higashi Ayase Park service centre
〒120-0004 Adachi-ku Higashi Ayase 3-4
Higashi-ayase Park

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Higashi-ayase Park


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